User Trust - A key to success for e-commerce!

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This looks great!

Imagine a small online business selling their own products and after seeing good reviews or bad reviews resolved they are trusted without having consumers researching all over the internet about them.

Great service and especially free! So is this made for services as well as products?

Yes its free for both the Product and the Service!

I wanted to create a “no-excuses” product/infrastructure where the online business have no reason not to display this rating (unless of course they have something to hide (:NRD) ). With this Usertrust service (for free) now online businesses/sites have NO REASON not to allow their visitors to see what others have said about them!

So its a system that will help consumers, because they now can share their experiences about a specific site


An online business who cares about improving their business and customer experience have a way of communicating with its users by giving them a platform for their voices to be heard!

Again, this is a World’s First Free, Independent rating system for all!

Now we need to spread the word to make sure all the online businesses use this platform. Afterall why shouldn’t they (:NRD)


Looks good, I’m sure ganda’s going to like it ;D
Many people often use Google to find out information about the company if they’re going to order from it, but not needed now.

Just some questions and suggestions. Will there be one-vote-per-IP-limit? Else, this could be bypassed by a bot (made by the company) that will rate it 5 stars few thousand times, thus making people think it’s a good deal, when it actually might be a scam. Also, the user should be able to view how many people that have voted. Also possible a diagram to show how many user that rated 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.


Good point indeed Ragwing

We have many algorithms and heuristics that checks to identify fraud. And we also have a way of online business dispute resolution, so that if the online business feel that they are being rated unfairly, we can initiate a dispute resolution process where our qualified staff would try to get to the bottom of the problem.

We have to be Fair to everyone, otherwise it doesn’t work! So we invested very heavily in making sure illegitimate ratings won’t succeed.

We want all our users now to spread the word and even put the link to our rating service on their posts, emails etc pls.

With this service we can make Internet a much safer place for users and we can make sure decent and caring businesses are the ones that wins on internet!


Just to see if we get a bite, I’ve posted the link in a new thread in Scan’s part of Hexus Forums.

Sits back and waits.