user panel improvements / additions

When I open comodo and then see the window that informs me if I am in secure mode or gaming mode and at which i can have the panel revolve to expose more control choices. Whether it is right or wrong, I will call this panel the “user dash board”

So in this dash board I would like to see the addition of a bar graph or some type of graph that would tel me if comodo is currently scanning my computer and doing so b/c of a schedule I created and to show me how far along the scan is. This way i can better understand why my computer is slow to respond to my mouse and or commands and it is not doing so because of a virus, Plus I would know how far along the scan is so i could plan around the scan and not interrupt it. I hope I explained this well enough. :slight_smile:

Generally, if you experience mentioned slowdowns then you should report these in the bug section.
Additionally, you could add “Task Manager” on Widget.