User Interface

I’d really like Comodo to return to the older style interface. It was clean, easy to use and logical. General users could change settings and schedule backups.
The new user interface is an obscure mess of stealth features that are downright impossible for the average user to find. Heck, even experienced users complain that it’s difficult to navigate. Why did you break something that wasn’t broken?

We are constantly working to improve all interfaces. Version 4 brings a lots of changes some big some subtle to make the user experience better.
We are exposing the most commonly used features more than features that are more advanced and used by only a small part of our user base so we do not confuse users by presenting them with a lot of options they might not need or understand. All advanced features are still there for advanced users that might used them, just not on the first page.

With every release we are making tons of fine tuning changes with the goal of streamlining the user experience for all user types, beginners, intermediate, and advanced.
We are open to suggestions on how you use the interface in order to further improve it.

Albeit, I never used CBU prior to 4.0.6, I concur with the OP. I almost entirely missed several key features and forget Jane Q. User finding them. There was a game or program (I forget which) that had apocryphal right-click menus and many requests/support/bug reports were answered with “you have to right-click such-and-such”. WYSIWYG is a wonderful thing, not in need of circumventing.

I was looking for context-sensitive buttons on the bottom; perhaps that would make a good alternative.