User fault while uninstalling CTM - recovery possible?

Hi @ all!

One of my customers thought of uninstalling CTM without using the brain is a good idea. She selected the “baseline snapshot” when uninstalling CTM what caused the loss of her personal data (logically). Now I have her machine in my office and I wonder if there’s any workaround for this case, maybe it’s allready documented in the FAQs or any Knowledgebase.

Any ideas, Scotty? :slight_smile:

Thx in advance ;D

Hi, Sad case ! There is no workaround as far as CTM’s concerned. Once CTM’s uninstalled or disabled all the once protected snapshot data would be gone.

However, it wouldn’t hurt running some recovery software (such as Recuva) to see if there’s any surprises !

                                                                       Good Luck

Thx for your answer @ James :slight_smile:

I’ve several recovery tools and did some extensive scans on the hdd. A few files and folders can be recovered but that’s not satisfying at all…

How does CTM handle it’s protection? Is any hidden partition created? Any information about that would be useful :slight_smile: :wink:

Thx in advance ;D

It does not use any hidden partition.
It uses the free space in the protected disks.

Msh, sorry for the late reply. There’s no hidden partition created by CTM, but from the view points of Windows and other software, CTM’s snapshot data is hidden in the “free space” of the partition/drive being protected.

As I’ve said once CTM’s uninstalled or disabled the space used for storing snapshot data would be freed-up and the snapshot data would be lost.