User Aliases

CASG Version: 1.6.1 r2043

What is the purpose of user aliases?

  1. A user can’t see quarantined alias emails, and they can’t search their incoming log for their alias emails.

  2. A user’s alias emails are not forwarded to their main email address. This would be consistent with the way emails using domain aliases are handled.


The feature is created to allow user to access quarantined messages of his aliases without creating new username/password pair.

User actually can see quarantined alias email.
If alias is assigned to logged in user he should be able to switch to this email address using drop-down on the page header.
That allows the same operations with alias as with main email address.

Yes, we do not forward messages from aliases automatically. We put that into the destination mail server.
Most of our clients already have aliases configured on their server. So duplication is not required and confusing here.

Please let me know if you have more questions about it.
Please also feel free to post your suggestions.
We would be glad to discuss it and improve our product to suite your requirements.

With Best Regards
Kirill Nelinov

Thanks Kirill! :slight_smile:

I missed the email address dropdown in the header, and I didn’t see mention of it in the manual.

Yes, I think this should be mention in the manual, because I didnt know either the user could switch to the aliases assigned (And I have read all documentation). :slight_smile:

Completely agree on this. (y)