Used csc, windows 7 will not load, need help. Please!!

So about a month ago my HP/Compaq 6710b Laptop Windows Ultimate 32bit got horribly infected with I don’t know. I had beenusing Microsoft Security Essentials and everything was updated and scanned daily. Then the next day, CPU would be at a constant 100% rendering it useless. Was able to start in safe mode with Networking, open Task Manager, then later Autoruns, and end processes so I could evetually get some wiggle room, download and run some apps to try to see what was going on. I tried everything; Malawarebytes, Super Anti-Spywar, Rogue Kill, TDSS, CCleaner, Slims, and about 8 othersIt took weeks and not one found anything. Then I read a review on CNET and tried Comodo System Cleaner. It was kinda buggy from the start, little glitches I noticed, BUT IT WORKED! I got and the Comodo website and started writing this insanely positive review, literally skipping around my house doing jumping jacks!and then 10 minutes later CPU shoots to 100%. So I runCSC againand it helped a little, then ran it again and BAM, when I restartedI got a black screen with white writting…basically Windows failed to load because a criticalsystem driver is either missing or corrupt. FILE: \windows\system32\DRIVERS\compbatt.sys STATUS: 0xcoooooof. Will not load Windows in any mode. So I go out and buy another laptop cause I needed to get a project done in 2 days. Kaspersky Internet Security came with it for three units. I throw the Recovery Disk 10 in the optical drive and boot from there. I get into bios aand run all the tests in there, memory, boot, etc and they all PASS. So with Kaspersky Recovery Disk 10 I can navigate around a little, but can’t really do anything. I download something, like Kaspersky Virus remover toll and when I try to launch the installer, it asks me what program I want to open it with…of course listing the Kaspersky programs in the window, and then a click thru button but everything feels hollow and empty…LIKE MY HEART. When I ran CSC it did a back-up before but I can’t launch anything to restore anything. If I could just get all my stuff off the shotout laptop I 'll give it to the starving kids in Africa, I just want my files and don’t want to waste anymore long sleepless methamphetmine filled nights trying to “get this”. And I really do’nt want to hear that I have to wipe the whole thing, because my girlfriends brother “borrowed” all of my software, and oddly…his car got stolen…supposedly. Thanks for any help

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