Use ZTL for server in datacenter?

I’ve used ZTL on a test server at home for about 2 months now. I have a few websites on it, run secondary DNS for another box and it handles mail. Services like pop, samba, ftp etc. have been disabled.
I really like the product. Rock stable and I got hooked on the GUI.

Thus my question:
Has anyone used ZTL for a server placed in a datacenter? (Of course all unused and potentially insecure services like Samba will be disabled.)
Will ZTL be maintained in the next few years?

Kind regards,

hi…does anyone intend to answer the question? or there’s nobody here anymore?

Some follow up:

Things proceeded and I placed a nice dualcore rackserver in a colocation facility last Monday.
After upgrading through the ZTL GUI CentOS is at version 4.5 and everything looks fine.