use of comodo & geekbuddy

I am living in iran.but I have do not global bank!
please help me for resolved this problem.for more use of comodo and geekbuddy???

Hi armin.k, welcome to the forum

1st, you did not formulate the real problem you are facing at all
Then , provide information about your system environment
What OS ; SP, platform; additional security (if any) with real-times being active ?
As for Comodo - what components are in place? What version? … etc.

do not global bank!
means what? that you are not using any on-line services for banking/financial purposes ? how that possibly apply either to "Comodo" or "geekbuddy" Can you please clarify that?

What is the aim of the poll that you’ve created ?

Comodo Suite (or any component chosen) is a totally free including all functionality without any features left behind as many paid security do
GeekBuddy is just a service established in order to get on-line help by the specialists that can reach/access your PC. That is payed service. You have trial time though in order to test it

Can you please tell - what is a correlation between those poll items ?
Personally I cannot see that

My regards