Use GPU for the AV scanner to offset the CPU load

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And why developers do not use antivirus capabilities of GPUs?
Let me explain. When installing an antivirus installer detects the card, such as a processor nVidia, the kernel (CUDA) which can be used for calculations and unloading of the computer’s CPU. Antivirus uses the power card for their needs. How much would thus increased productivity antivirus with better and more sophisticated scanning offloading CPU.
And then we can proudly say that our anti-virus, unlike other manufacturers, increases rather than reduces the performance of your computer.

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There has been a lot of discussion on the internet about GPU accelerated antivirus and there just to many variables with this technique.

I saw a response from another antivirus engineer on this same topic and he/she said that there is no usefulness for consumers.

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Reference: GPU accelerated Antivirus | Wilders Security Forums

There is no use talking about? You tell this Adobe Photoshop users about the futility of the GPU to accelerate image processing.
Uskaryaet CUDA processing calculations on order, not at times. It’s like DirectX graphics. Standard libraries and calling procedures. I’m not saying do antivirus, fully working on the GPU, but use it to speed up labor-intensive computing and real-time monitoring, is considered reasonable.

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