Use a Web Service to resolve Navigation errors option in CD

after this last update to CD 14.1 I noticed that when I go to the ‘Under the hood’ section of options, that the setting ‘use a web service to help resolve navigation errors’ is disabled, so I re-enable it, BUT, every time I closer the web browser and open it again and check that setting, it is disabled again. I tried un-installing CD and re-installing it, that didn’t help so I tried un-installing it and then using my clean up tool (AVG PC Tuneup) to clean the registry and junk files, then re-installed CD again, still same problem, so I tried just clearing the cache, that didn’t work either, any suggestions?


We’ll fix this issue in the next releases.

Thank you for your support!

okay, with the update to I noticed that the use a web service to resolve navigation errors setting was COMPLETELY removed from CD, why?