use 1st alpha?

is it possible to install the 1st alpha? when i try it says this is an old version download the newer one,i cant use the newest alpha because it forgets all the rules created every reboot it is just unusable to me.

You cannot install CFP 3 Alpha 1 over CFP Alpha 2 (, as it will object (as you’ve noted). You’ll need to completely uninstall first… and you will need to perform manual registry edits (deletes) to make that works (known bug… the Alpha uninstall does not uninstall enough to satisfy the Alpha install).

However, do not do this. You have missed something important that was reported about (by me)…

The Alpha 2 (with the exception of the booting issue) is much more likely not to loose registry settings than Alpha 1 (which lost bits and/or all settings randomly during use).

The way to resolve the booting problem is to remove the start up entry for CFP.EXE. When your system has booted, then manually start CFP & usually all the registry entries are present. You can get the same result without removing the startup entry, by exiting CFP when the system is booted… before CFP prompts for anything… this is vital. If CFP alerts on anything, then everything will be lost. But, otherwise restarting CFP makes it realise all the registry settings are there.

To cater for the rare occasion where you still loose all the registry settings, you must make an registry export of the the following registry path…

 \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro

… and you import the exported REG file when all is lost. Obviously, you cannot do this when CFP is running.

kail i did what you said in the above post with and so far it hasnt forgot the rulesi set, i have rebooted a number of times and good so far,thanks for the advice

That’s OK, glad I could help. You still need the REG export (which you also need to update periodically) for the odd instance where this fix doesn’t work (it does happen). It is a little counter-intuitive that it works like this, but bugs are bugs & I was just lucky to discover it by accident. The clever bit would be discover why it behaves like this or why only certain users (systems) encounter this issue, whilst others (most?) do not… I dunno, I think too much head scratching is making my bald patch bigger. :smiley: