USA... to legalize malware !

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For those who have not read that or similar yet:


If USA has any enemies that’s not even partially imagined at all, the worst is in their own country.

It always pays to read the whole article. Just because someone makes a proposal, doesn’t make it reality.

Those are a couple of wild ideas right there. Scandalous if you ask me.

Companies starting to operate as law enforcement agencies but without the brittles that keep law enforcement agencies in check. Brittles so they will not just search and monitor civilians private space, confiscate and damage private properties…

Odd enough I think those type of ideas usually come from Republican politicians who odd enough are not in favour of giving a lot of power to goverments but are not opposing to granting those to big corporations… 88)

Kind of makes me want to set up a honeypot for this. Hopefully I can get a nice bootkit or at least a kernel mode rootkit.