Ijust uninstalled Nod32 and Ewido to install Comodo Antivirus and Antispyware but then after a restart sytem hand completely! 10 tiems i tries 10 time sit hanges.

Iam having thsi problem as i ahd before with older versions of comod.
PLEASE send me an automatic tool that will remove entirelt comdodo av and antispywarer as well as their services.


I think you may have just run into this problem. There is a work-around by Kishor.

Sorry, I can’t help you with the automatic tool.

I did it but my pc is going very slow…soemthign its left other.

i run kerish doctor v3.2 Ccleaner, auslogic;s boostpeed but problem exist.
plz the comodo team prepare an autmatic clean up tool co ic ant work at all!

Can you do a system restore to a point before CAV and CPF? Can you get into safe mode?


I dotn know why but iam unbale to go into sfae mode and dont know how to fix this, the pc just keeps rebbooting.