[URGENT]How can I give back a permission to a process I blocked its execution?

I am using comodo firewall for some time and I never had any problems with it until today. So, as usual, I was programming in vscode and, as just any other person, I was constanly saving file changes and comodo never complained about some process trying to modfying a file.

But today this happened and I found it pretty weird, it was a process called “provtools.exe” trying to modify a file (which now I know that was just vscode requesting to save file changes by requesting it to provtools.exe, or something like that), so I selected “block, terminate and reverse”. This was a big mistake, because now I can’t:

  • Create any type of file system wide
  • save any type of file system wide
  • open any type of files that weren’t already open on system wide level
  • search things on the windows menu

I need urgently to know how to reverse this situation, for I need provtools.exe to have its permissions again. So I have a couple question:

  1. Using comodo firewall, how can I allow provtools.exe to gain its permissions again
  2. Using some built-in windows feature, how can I allow provtools.exe to gain its permissions again
  3. If I just restart my PC it will gain its permissions again, or it will just crash for, it can’t even create files, so I wonder how it should create temporary files for boot up ?
  4. If I uninstall Comodo, would all come into place again or, not even it won’t come into place again, as then I wouldn’t even have the possibility of installing it again for I won’t be able to installing it again since I don’t have the permissions needed ?

Bellow, there is a picture of the pop-up window that appeared to me (It just similar to the one it appeared to me, it is not exactly it)

Screenshot 2024-06-03 073101

EDIT: If this is useful, I can still plug in a pendrive and create files there

Find provtools.exe under hips rules if not there containment and completely remove the rule or look and remove the specific rule. If no help look under unblock applications under settings.