Urgent help needed to clear Rootkit

Dear Comodo Forums,

My computer has been recently attacked by a rootkit. Request to look into this log, and ways to remove it manually without formatting my computer. The attachment contains my log about the attack.

Thank you comodo Forums :slight_smile:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Do you know the following programs and did you install them yourself:

The D+ logs report actions that are being blocked.

Thank you so much Eric for replying =)

Sorry if i replied slow…many things in hand. It was actually a JPG file submitted by one of my colleges, when i double click on it, defence keeps warning me. I scanned my pc 3 times, got no captures…just wondering are there any of this rootkit leftovers in my pc.

What does D+ say? Can you post a screenshot of the alert? Usually you would not get a D+ alert when opening a .jpg file. Is this the only .jpg file that you get an alert for?

Can you clean out the temp folder and show your D+ log again? Are you familiar with the program in C:\Users\smile\Desktop\server.exe ? Did you install it? Do you know what it is?

What scanners did you use to fight the infection? What scanner did find the rootkit infection?