Urgent - Blocked an apparently "unsafe global hook", now Youtube won't work!

Hello there,

I’ve got a rather serious issue with Comodo Defence+. On starting up Firefox, it highlighted these two errors to me, said they were “potentially used by malware” so I blocked them both under “remember.”



Immediately afterwards, youtube ceased to work and I can no longer watch any videos at all, it just shows a blank white screen where the video should be. Furthermore, Imgur has lot many of its buttons used since this happened. I have found the event in the archive as shown in the pictures above, but there seems to be no option to “reallow” these at all! I even put Firefox as a “safe” application but now all it does is say “Firefox is already a safe application” even though it refuses to allow these!

Do I just have to reinstall Comodo from scratch to clear this? Is there another way? This is really critical as part of my earnings is through Youtube revenue and this is preventing me carrying out my work.

Thank you for any assistance.

Update - Problem over, I found by turning off the Defence+ Application, loading a youtube video then and reenabling the Defence+ Application while watching apparently allows it to rerun the same problem and mark it as safe.

For anyone who finds the same, essentially just rebooting Comodo will give “another shot” at it.

Or…Advanced Settings > Security Settings > Defense+ > HIPS > HIPS Rules > Delete offending block rule.

As a future note plugin-container.exe is the host process for browser plugins like Flash, so when they crash they don’t crash the browser too.