URGENT A/V disabled still getting warning & cannot restore/unblock blocked app

all those modules are disabled my settings :

but i’m still getting annoying warnings about files blocked and with the current version i cannot restore/unblock it, there is no option to do it like before when it’s a false alarm…
i’ve seen a panel where i can define macro (action/…) but it doesn’t work…

help please this is urgent i need to run a file and i’m not allowed to do it ! >:(

Try to use unblock applications task and select unblock from all.

thanks for those screenshots I’ve been able to find it again and it has worked :slight_smile:

but why with all defenses off “malwares” or “suspicious” files are still blocked !?

Comodo is a good firewall but I can’t trust the A/V too many false alarms for hacktools or apps using unconventionnal packers…

Because of file rating settings that you may have enabled such as Do not show popup alerts, also you have cloud rating that gets checked every time you execute an application. Then you have file rating information that is saved in the file list until you change rating from malicious to trusted or unrecognized.

well i never turned on the option “do not show popups alerts” because i want to be in full control
and i don’t use the live cloud feature

hm go figure what could be the cause then…

Comodo is a good firewall but I can't trust the A/V too many false alarms for hacktools or apps using unconventional packers...
I understand. You have to remember that the AV isnt just for home use only. But also Businesses too!. While hacktools are OK for home use (depending on the senerio). [b] From a business point of view, hacktools are not false positive. There not supposed to be there on business computers[/b]


i understand perfectly your logic but the end user should be able to decide how to handle such files and also Comodo should made the distinction between hack tool, virus, trojan and suspicious files ! also a power user with admin rights should be able to use such advanced options.

A power user would know that they can override the cloud file ratings using the local file ratings section. 88)

I don’t use the cloud feature. I’ve denied this option from the beginning. 88)
If the cloud is used anyway, this is a bug. >:(

“suspicious” app isn’t listed in the manager if the app is inside a main directory in the c:\ root
e.g.: c:\TEST\suspicious.exe
it won’t be shown in the unblock app task

Can you provide file that is being blocked along with a copy of your exported configuration and the cislogs.sdb found in C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Firewall Pro I can see files listed in unblock application task when path is in root path of the C:\ volume.