Upnp query?

If I have Upnp enabled on my computer is it a security risk or will the firewall shield my computer from attacks using it, its just that my router has a route table showing a computer connected to my computer using Upnp but I am unsure if its a malicious connection or not as my laptop used the ip address before but its been switched off for ages. Will disabling Upnp cause problems are is it safe to disable it, also how can I check that it is disabled/enabled at any given moment?

ps I have a Netgear wireless G router


You shouldn’t get any problem by disabling it. I have a D-Link DI-524 router with UPnP disabled, and no problem with either my laptop or PC.

You can check if it’s enabled or disabled by using GRC’s UnPlug n’ Pray utility (for OS only). Else you should be able to see it in your routers configuration.

Now you might not get any increased security, since Microsoft has patched the vulnerability that existed in UPnP.
But if I’m not wrong, malware can use it to open up ports. At least it’s not needed for your OS. And CFP should protect you against those attacks.

So it’s really only a security risk if you would get a malware that uses UPnP to open up ports :wink:


Any clue as to why there was a device listed under the Upnp router table, have I been hacked etc

I’m not really good with routers, so I can’t answer that one. But I don’t think that’s the case.


the router I have has a hardware firewall and I have Comodo Firewall V3 as well plus the highest encryption I can get am I right in thinking that my computer security is as tight as I can get it in regards wireless security?

I’d say a router with a good hardware firewall, MAC-filtering, best encryption method with a 20+ character key is the best wireless protection for home users. So yes, you have a very good protection.
And of course you should use a software firewall on all computers connected to the network.