upnp and cfp conflict

Hi All!

First, as a new member i’d like to congratulate Comodo for their firewall and the very responsive customer support. (R)

Anyway, here is an issue i discovered with BETA and as far as i can tell this still exists in
[edit]i got win xp with sp2.[/edit]

I was trying to test some upnp functionality and it makes explorer.exe kind of conflict with CFP. When i boot up the computer, the taskbar stays unresponsive for like 30 secs (showing hourglass if i go over the taskbar, and can’t click anywher on it) and after it is back to normal, several tray icons are missing. If i turn off upnp (from under My Network - Hide UPnP…) this problem ceases.
I think this is caused by explorer.exe because at first SFP asked me if i allow explorer.exe run by userinit.exe.

I tried to tick “Skip Advanced Security Check” for explorer.exe, but no help.

By the way this happens only at bootup, later on if i logout then login, everything goes fine.
Ok, this is not a serious issue, i just thought maybe it would be good to know about for the developers.

Also, some even less serious remarks:

  1. Sometimes if i add an application to application monitor via the popup window all that gets there is an empty line. The same happens in these cases if i try to add the same app from the application monitor, but if i try to add it from tasks, it works. I think this might be related to user rights as i manage my computer with a separate admin account. But it sometimes happens even with the admin rights account too.

  2. After uninstalling and installing the application monitor didn’t seem to work properly. After several reboots and reinstalls it started to work but then the component monitor didn’t work. These things only happened to non-admin right user ids. So, to explain it in more detail, i installed comodo (with admin rights) added the rules etc. then changed the user to non-admin, and the application monitor or later on the component monitor was empty and whatever i did, there were all the popups. Even if allowed with the remember option, the application (or the component) was not added to the relevant monitor.
    The only way i could solve this was to uninstall CFP then clean the registry. But here comes the trick. There were some entries in the registry which i couldn’t delete even with my admin account. I had to do some owner change and things like that in order to be able to remove those entries. So i guess this one is also an authorization issue.

  3. For some reason i cannot submit files to comodo from the CFP. After a while it comes back with a time exceeded error.

Well, this post became much longer than i intended. Sorry for that :slight_smile: