Uploading problems


I encountered some problems with CIMA today. Some files are uploaded incorrectly (the hashes don’t match), sometimes the size of the uploaded file is 0, that is not true. I usually have to reupload one file few times, each time the hash on the report is different.

The report often isn’t even displayed, the page is empty. Small files are usually uploaded succesfully, the problem is mostly with big files (more than 1 MB) Edit: that happens with small files too

Could someone check what’s going on?


Thanks for the report.

I have sent a support ticket about that with link to this topic, I’ll let you know if I get any info.

Thanks spywar.

I can confirm. And because of this issue, all uploads done from CIS program won’t get reflected in cloud…as well as manual uploads to CIMA.
We’ll have to wait until they fix the server side issue.


Thanks Spy,

I can confirm this too.

Seems fixed, thanks idem :slight_smile: