Upload System Feedback

This is one of the annoying subjects I like to talk about. Well, let’s see.

What do you think about it? Is it good, bad?
I, myself, had a rough time using it. I mean does it really work? Well, you tell us.
I am looking forward to what other users think.

Most of the time I can’t seem to upload anything. After my files are uploaded, I get an error of some kind (that it failed, of course).
So… Let’s blame the servers. Let’s say it was misfortune. However, why not just submit an e-mail to the user that confirms the file upload ? At least, I find it as a nice solution.
Oh well. Maybe it never got uploaded.

Also, Why do we have to enter the malware name every time? I mean, no offence, but you got trained monkeys out there better than me. Why not just remove that field? Is it used at all?

Another question could be- Why can’t we submit URLs ?

Thank you.

Please note,
[#1] By “upload” I am referring to both website submission and submit task(s) in CIS.
[#2] This is just my personal view of things. Hope no one seems offended by writing style.
[#3] No cats were harmed in the making of this topic.

was put Comodo firewall7 approves the program called SpyShelter antitest and failure in all tests or test, never reported or block these actions. So where’s the security provided? improve product testing units do, here is the link to try the tester: ****://www.spyshelter.com/download/AntiTest.zip

Please do not post direct download links.

This point is very important, I hope these issues can be identified and corrected.

Lately sending suspicious files by CIS and also the web form does not work. :frowning:

I think Comodo could launch a new page especially for it, and thus facilitate send files, samples and also report suspicious websites. :slight_smile:
I also hope that the CIS internal option to submit files for analysis usually works without errors.


As far back as I can remember there has always been issues with submitting files. Either through the program’s submit function (could not connect to server, could not find file, file too large etc.) or through the web, including Valkyrie (program hangs, server down, etc). I have always had to rely on submitting the files that were flagged as “unknown” through this forum. Not the most convenient method.

I do believe that there has been various topics related to this over the years.

I appreciate that Comodo is free…I would think that they would put some value on submission by the users to help make the product better and fix this issue. After all we are all “unofficial” program testers.

I would be very grateful if people posting here would ensure they also log any problems with the direct use of cloud services by CIS as CIS bugs as that way we can track their resolution.

The following issue report deals with a problem uploading portable executable files, so please add to it if you have the same problem (same error number or message):here. If you get a different error number please create a new CIS bug report.

Many thanks


Yep, just like it was under V5.

Man this is a very old issue and still no response from dev’s. :o

I honestly do not understand what happens in the current version. I think it is an important resource and should just work.
We know the global impact that this failure causes and many files that could no longer be analyzed.

I hope they are aware of what happens, is a common topic and has been discussed several times.
I understand that they may be working on it, but could inform us or bring some news.

The result of the poll would be similar for (“news”) team->community feedback.

Yes, feedback is important and I hope they can give priority to this issue we are addressing here.

This is a very important question, since the URL Filter was introduced since CIS V7 was launched and no one from staff, moderators, etc, did nothing to create a section or page in the forums in which the users can submit URL Filter false positives or submit URL’s to be detected by URL Filter.

Also, this URL Filter should be more specific in the message it displays when a page is blocked. It just says “The Page is blocked by COMODO Internet Security. Contact your system administrator.”. This is too vague since it does not says that it is the URL Filter module that is blocking the page.

I saw many people with URL Filter false positive problem disabling all modules in CIS to no effect, the page was still being blocked and those people did not know WHAT in CIS was blocking the page, and in the end those people uninstalled CIS…

Also, there should be more information on WHY the page was blocked, if it was because of malware, phishing, scams, etc. And if it is because of malware, inform the name of the threats, etc…


Bug report is already registered: