Upload File To Virustotal or Comodo Valkyrie

When you right click on a file in KillSwitch or Autoruns it currently gives you the option to go to the folder. From here you can manually upload it to Comodo Valkyrie or Virustotal (which you would often do to check if the file is safe or not).

However, a lot of time and effort could be saved by adding an option to “Upload the file to Comodo Valkyrie for Analysis” and another option to “Upload the File to VirusTotal for Analysis”. What do you guys think?

At least for me this would make this program vastly easier to use as a diagnostic tool.

This is a must have, the old killswitch had it (when it was based on process hacker) and i wish comodo would have added it in their verison of killswitch.

i asked for something very similar to this a couple months back

how about right click calculate sha1

That could be useful as well, but for me Valkyrie and VirusTotal are incredibly useful. It would save me a lot, a lot, of time if this were implemented, and I assume I’m not the only one. :wink:

All this I also requested here few months ago.
Hopefully COMODO would hear the great community! :-TU

+1 on Chiron’s and languy’s proposals.