Upload/Download Activity BEFORE Getting A BOClean Update?


When I click on the BOClean update button, there is far too much (Comodo Firewall) uploading and downloading activity going on BEFORE the on-screen dialogue tells me that there is any kind of update even available.

How long does it take for BOClean to identify the number of its last update and start the job of bringing down the next update?

I find this, too, very suspicious.

  • What is the cause of this uploading/downloading activity?
  • What is BOClean uploading that takes so long and where did it get it from?


I just ran a packet sniffer just to see what goes on when CBOC checks for an update.

  1. Sends information to negotiate a login to the ftp server

  2. Negotiates a connection window size then connects

  3. In my case there were no updates so it closes the connection.

In all there were 32 packets as I had nothing else accessing the internet at the time of the test.

This was a normal ftp connection that, as far as I can tell, sends no out of the ordinary traffic and its only connection is to the ftp server.

Now since I did not download an update I will have to wait to see what happens there.