Upgrading to wireless configuration - questions

I have my desktop computer which is just plugged into the broadband socket. using Comodo firewall V3 and a smartax MT882 modem.

My daughter has a laptop which we wish to have wireless, also an xbox 360. I assume I need to install Comodo V3 on her laptop?

She has bought a Zyxel modem router P66OHW G202 which she will use for her laptop and the xbox, I will remain using the desktop as normal - well i suppose I will?

Do I need to change any of the configurations on my desktop when we install the modem router? The modem router says it has a firewall, will this conflict with Comodo? What other details will I need to have to hand when we install the modem?

Many Thanks - and a Happy New Year to all.

The router’s firewall doesn’t interfere with CIS. CIS may detect a new network when using the router of course.