Upgrading from CIS 3.8 to CIS 3.9

I learned today that CIS 3.9.76924.507 was aleady released but my CIS won’t autoupdate. I keep getting error 108 so I downloaded the CIS 3.9 installer. Is it alright to install 3.9 on top of 3.8 or do I have to uninstall 3.8 before installing 3.9?

I Would Suggest To Go With A Clean Install Of CIS 3.9

Shouldn’t have to go that route. Just fix the problem or give some in-site as to what’s causing the 108 error…

Ok guys, tnx… :slight_smile:

It may be a problem with the updater in 3.8. A clean install will correct this if you are still unable to update online.

I was getting the error 108 previously, but I just tried it again now (10:54 MST) and it worked. Now to reboot.

The updater worked this morning (2300GMT). I have already updated to 3.9 via auto update.