upgraded to V3 media network blocked

I’ve just upgraded to V3 and I wish I hadn’t if I’d known the pain it would be. My home network no longer works. I’ve created the zone and entered the network control rules like I had with v2 but the networked media xbox is still being blocked.
I get:

application Action Protocol

Souce IP is the XBOX and destination IP is the PC.

I’ve allowed the TCP in and out on the zone to any destination.

Well I’ve uninstalled v3 and gone back to v2.4. I’ve re-entered my network control rules and everything is back to normal. Oh! and I’ve made to unmark the check for updates. Version 3 can wait for while.

Maybe forever.

I also don’t like the way the upgrade took me by surprise. No warning that it wasn’t just a run of the mill upgrade but a whole new program. One that would stuff everything up. Not very professional.

I0ve the same problem.
FTP to xbox with CPF 3 is not possible. How can instead fix the problem with the 2.4 version?