Upgraded to CIS 3.8; Defense+ now prevents half my system from running.

I recently upgraded CIS to 3.8.64739.471 from 3.5.xxxxxxx and immediately my system won’t launch any programs and prevents my startup programs from starting. Essentially, it crippled my system. The only way I could have my system back is to “disable Defense+ permanently” via the Defense+ settings.

I’m running Vista x64 SP1 and I use Avira AntiVir as my antivirus (with Comodo A/V disabled, of course). I’ve used CIS 3.5 with this configuration for several months without a problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


We are having the same problem.

Try a clean install of CIS. Uninstall → reboot → check Program Files and documents and settings(X)/user(Vista, Win 7) for traces of Comodo and delete → do a thorough registry check with [url=https://forums.comodo.com/comodo_system_cleaner_fileregistryprivacy_cleaner/comodo_system_cleaner_116392828_released-t34262.0.html] .

When done go to Device Manager → View → Show hidden devices → now look under Non Plug and Play dervices → when you see a Conodo related things --. click right and unisntall → reboot.

Now you are good to go for a clean install.

The problem is with ad-aware. Ad-aware is outdated software that has NO bearing on security (even less than most signature-based products) today, AND integrates with the kernel poorly, making it a possible attack vector. IMO, a computer WITHOUT Ad-aware is safer than one with.

Not to mention more functional.

Did you Untick AV during install, or did you install and put it to Disabled later ?
And is Avira the ONLY other security app, even if it’s disabled/on demand what ever ?
Windows Defender etc ?

Yes I agree, that is what I removed and it fixed mine.

Hi Martini. The problem seems to be a compatibility issue with some antispyware apps and D+. I had to get rid of Spy Sweeper in order for CFP 3.8 to work and I am using Windows XP. Right now I am running SuperAntiSpyware and seems to work right; However, My PC is running +/- over 60 MB RAM than before.

Read the following specially reply #31 by egemen.


Hopefully it will be soon than later, we hope. I like my Spy Sweeper. :THNK