Upgrade to V3.0

I have been doing some serious reading with regards to upgrading Comodo Firewall V2.4 to V3.0, it looks to be a painful experience. I’m wondering if its worth the effort to do the manual un-install? It seems that if I do a total un-install I will loose all my settings. I have lots of stuff port forwarded and it would be a mess trying to set it all back up. Any way to save the settings? Should I even do this? Ideas? My system is using Xp Pro.



I’d say it’s worth to update to CFP3. It’s much more powerful, has lots of new features, and is both easy to use, and can be configured pretty much.
You’ve maybe read about some bad experiences, but there’s lot of people (like me) who had a good experience with CFP3.
To backup the rules for 2.4, you can try this.


Hey… your not alone, I have waited in the vain hope that the system will settle down . Unfortunatley I am a ‘plug & play’ type of person , not in the least technically minded, and I also have reservations about V3 as there seems to be concerns over " defence+ " " wading through the reports generated" " configuration and stealth mode" and finally " being able to completely uninstall V3".
My concern is that I may not be able to “cleanly” instal V3 I must say that the advise is plentiful and helpful when asked fore , but I would like to keep V2 for as long as possible [ it’s a comfort zone sort of thing!!] I have downloaded the installation guide posted by Little Mac , but I was hoping the video would be out soon as I find it easier to follow.
It’s a shame that V2 is no longer supported

Thanks for the info! I think for now at least I will stick with V2.4 and keep an eye on this forum. I don’t have the time to clean up big messes right now and version three might not like my laptop. This particular computer does strange things from time to time and right now its happy. I don’t want to get it upset with me by messing with it. So thanks again!

Its not all that bad. 3.0 is alot better with its HIPS protection. Just follow the sticky threads and you will be all set.

What is a sticky thread? ;D

Before you post anything your suppose to read all the sticky threads. Those are the threads at the top of the page in the help section. Under Important Topics. I have a sticky there about gaming.

Ok. the “stickies” were the serious reading I was doing that cause me to ask the question about if this program is worth upgrading. I understand some of it. I will reread them and see if I can figure it out.