upgrade problems with Firefox

I have XP Home SP3, Fx 3.0.6.
I ran the V2.7.0.5 upgrade to vengine, choosing the upgrade option. After running it, fired up Fx to test it. No VE data showed. Checked, and the Vengine addon was not in Fx. Rebooted, uninstalled Vengine, rebooted and installed v2.7.0.5 from scratch. Still no addon in Fx.
Read through the previous ‘Lost border’ post and tried your fix in there.

  1. uninstalled VE
  2. emptied the vengine directory (it still contained vengine.exe)
  3. rebooted
  4. renamed the installer to vesetup.exe
    5 ran the installer

Now AOK. Addon is present and the VE padlock & border show.
Perhaps the upgrader is a bit flaky.
I posted this in case anyone else has the same problem. Then they can see a solution without having to wade through all the ‘Lost border’ dialogue.