Upgrade Patch Issue + Regular Install Issue

After having to reformat my hard drive, I found my original CD for XP Pro SP2 was badly scratched (a cat). I had an older SP1 CD, used it, and upgraded to SP2 via Microsoft download. Since, I have been unable to install v 3 - had various issues and various error messages.

So I completely uninstalled it and went back to v 2.4 - all is fine. Then I tried to download the 32-bit v3, which after install gave me a message on many .exe files: Not a valid Win32 Application. Reinstalled v2.4 again, no problems. So I tried doing the Upgrade Patch. More error messages. Lastly I tried updating via the button in the v2.4 Control Panel - message says it cannot verify installation of Comodo Personal Firewall.

Before the reformat I was running Comodo v3, Avast Antivirus, SafeSurf, and Spybot with no problems. The only major difference is that I switched from Bellsouth DSL to Brighthouse DSL w/Ethernet Connection direct to cable. Until last week I was (with permission) using my neighbor’s Brighthouse Wi-Fi with Wireless Card.

Any ideas? I’d really like to be able to use v3 again.

Can you describe the error message? Have you tried shutting down Avast and then installing? Do not use the upgrade patch. Only use the full installer of the latest version. You cannot properly upgrade from 2.4 to 3.0 without Completely uninstalling 2.4.