Upgrade fron 3.0 to 3.8 causes account problems

:frowning: – I had too old of an installer. version 3.0 needed to upgrade to version 3.8 with the latest build. When I opted to chenge to a new download installer, the comodo host changed my paid CIS pro basic account to a free trial. Now comodo wants me to buy the new services at $99 us. I will not buy these without some drastic changes to the firewall ‘misc’ tab. A new option needs to be added, called “enter registration code”. Also “enter services license code”. These two would be given upon purchase or request (in case of CIS to CIS pro). The basic CIS version would need a code that tells the host it is registered for def file updates and not to block these. Fre version would not have chat support, but would have mail support, in case of tech problems which arise out of setup issues (not virus infection)

CIS is a free product. Upon first running CIS you do see an option to subscribe to a paid service which included online tech support, etc. This is an option, not a requirement. CIS will always be free to use, with no restrictions or limitations.
I hope this helps put your mind at ease.