Updating Virus Database

Since I was having so many problems with the newest CIS update, I reverted back to version 3.5.5713.439. I have not had an updated virus database for the last 3 weeks or so- my virus sig database version is 994 and whenever I click to manually update the virus database, I get a message that it is already up to date. When I was using other virus scanners, they seemed to update their databases every couple days. Am I not getting updates because they are not being written for my old version, or are they just not being updated any more?

Current Database is 1141; Have you tried running Diagnostics? (Open CIS > MISC > Diagnostics

I would reinstall CIS possibly if found no error?


You are using 3.5 and that uses the old AV update format. You cannot get any updates for your AV when using 3.5. Please do a clean install of 3.8.

Have the problems been resolved with 64 bit Vista? i can’t find an announcement or the updated release notes anywhere…

I cannot be a thermometer on the Vista x64 update issue, but I myself have not been prevented from getting updates.

The site has been restyled and lacks the Release notes for 3.8. I looked them up for you with the latest fixes first in the list:

FIXED! Applications do not run when CIS is installed in Vista 64
FIXED! BSOD in Windows XP 64 when NWLink protocol is installed
FIXED! Defense+ conflicts with certain security applications
FIXED! Firewall does not filter traffic on some dialup/adsl adapters
FIXED! AV crashes while scanning certain files
FIXED! AV exclusions do not work

NEW! COMODO Threatcast - COMODO’s community based alerts statistics
NEW! Native Vista Firewall - Improved Firewall with Windows Vista enhancements
NEW! Native Vista HIPS - Improved HIPS compatible with Windows Vista enhancements
NEW! Buffer Overflow Prevention - Defense+ can now detect and prevent one of the most common attacks used by attackers: shellcode injection
NEW! Antivirus Heuristics: The Antivirus engine now includes heuristics scanning capabilities
NEW! Proxy server settings for AV and program updates
IMPROVED! Trusted software vendor list is expanded, capable of detecting thousands of applications generically without any signatures
IMPROVED! Revised AV engine - AV engine scanning and updating speed increased significantly
IMPROVED! File submission engine has been redesigned

FIXED! AV engine crashes while scanning some files
FIXED! Firewall blocks all the traffic in some vista PCs when checksum verification is enabled
FIXED! Some applications consume 100% CPU while CIS is installed

I am using 3.9.81003.508 and it will not update my database. It updates everything else from the misscellaneous page. My last update was 4/9/09 1122. Diagnostics says it sees problems but can’t fix them. Any ideas? My internet runs fine.