updating to version 3

From what I have read Comodo will be releasing AV 3 soon. When it is released will I be able to update version 2 to version 3 via the automatic updates (similar to patching V2 to V3) or will I have to start fresh by uninstalling V2 then installing V3?

Also, will version 3 include HIPS?

I have no definite answer, Though Cavs2 is a Beta and has been abandoned , So I think that you will have to uninstall cavs2 and install cavs3 manually.

I think it is not possible to upgrade from an unfinished product like cavs2, so my guess is to uninstall cavs 2, that’s actually always better than an upgrade…

CAVS 3 will be completely different from CAVS 2 and will require a fresh installation. It’s planned to come out both as a stand alone product and a Comodo Internet Security option.( CPF 3 with D+ and CAVS 3 integrated together).

The last I heard it was going to be the end of this month though it may be early next now…


Now end off July…

I had this question in mind too, glad it was cleared up

Looks like nows the time to install a patience patch (:NRD)