updating program

I just updated Foxit Reader (PDF viewer) and Defense+ wanted permission to update the registry. I gave it permission. I select accept and ok. I did not click box to remeber. Every time, I ran Foxit Reader Defense+ wanted permission to modify the registry. I had to click “remember” to get it to stop. Does this mean that the next time I needt to update, Defense+ will modify the registry without notifying me? I don’t want that. How/where do I delete the remember entry?

This is the one feature that is annoying. Some programs update without notifications and some do. It is hard to know which ones do and do not. I need to remember to switch to install mode. Maybe that will help.

I also accidently deleted policy names in Defense+ > Advance > Predefinded Security Policies. Is there a way to reset this back to default. If not, can someone give me the list of defauly plicy names so that I can reenter them. It would nice to add a feature to reset the settings in case you change something and don’t remember the original info.

Have a look in Defence+/Advanced/Computer security policy---->Find the entry X:\Program Files\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\Foxit Reader.exe----->Highlight it and click “Edit”
In the new window click on “Access rights” to get the “Process access rights” window.
From here look down and click on “Modify” next to “Protected registry keys” to open allowed and blocked keys

You will probably see quite a lot of allowed registry keys for HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID{xxxx}

In my limited knowledge these point to class id pointers for COM objects(ie open pdf documents with this application,ect,ect)

Anyway to remove any entries highlight them,select “Remove” and APPLY to all windows