Updating PrivDog


Just a newbie question: How to update PrivDog? Can’t find any “update” button in it! ;D


it auto updates itself.

Via CD automatic updates? I’m asking this, because I always let that option disable.

no i think it has its own update mechanism

You can find an update-button (and what version of an extension you are currently using) on the extensions-page: Managing Extensions and Plug-ins

I cannot find an update function in the options of PrivDog on the extensions page. :-\

Also the version that came with Dragon on one system is different to the installed version that I have on another system.
Dragon version of PrivDog is
System installed version is

The only update-button is on Developer Mode!

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You need not worry about update of CD or any other thing. For now, plugin will update itself automatically, when new version will be available on servers.

Ok, thanks.

Does this extension actually work with firefox?
It says on the download page that it does but i have downloaded and installed but cannot see any evidence of it being there.
Its not in my extensions list.

Thank you for your feedback. It is very important for us.
Can you write all steps in detail?

Hi All,

A new version of PrivDog has been released:


It’s recommended that Chrome users (or users who installed the standalone setup for Dragon) run the installer to get the update.

Firefox/IceDragon and Comodo Dragon will automatically update.


I am using SRware Iron and I can not get new version of PD (
I tried in developer mod ıt cant update itself

same problem also in my Cyberfox browser (attached 2. pic)

I tried re-install privdog to solve. I am still on ???

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Hi yigido,

Thanks JoWa,

my bad, sorry mates 88)