Updating from early CFP v2.4 - can i keep custom rules, behaviors, etc?


Like everyone else, i’ve been staring at the “support ends Nov. 20th. . .” message for some time. Well, it’s Nov 22 and i’m finally getting around to doing it, and now i’ve got issues. I’m running XP SP2, 32-bit. i have CFP ver. - Don’t ask why i never updated beyond that, i can’t say, except i saw a lot of “Error 106” every time i tried. Seems the server is always busy when i want to update. I’ve also got CAV, build, database

I’ve looked all over the forums, randomly and with searches, and haven’t found a topic that covers this fully - only partially.

My issue is: I have to uninstall both CFP and CAV before installing CIS. however, I’d like to keep the network rules that i’ve got, as well as my application and component monitoring info. Also the info from my HIPS application control.

Since i’m running CFP ver2.4, there isnt a backup option within the program. Shoul i backup my setting using a script like this one: https://forums.comodo.com/help_for_v2/script_to_backup_cpf_v24_firewall_settings-t2366.0.html And will the backup be compatible with CIS?


Since I have a home network set up, each computer running CFP, does it seem easier to “keep” the rules by updating one computer, manually create the custom rules by looking at the non-updated computer, then export the new settings from the updated computer to the non-updated, and import from there. Maybe just deal with having to start fresh with the application and component monitoring?

For CAV, is there a script to back-up my HIPS info? or like CFP, just start fresh with the monitoring and deal a little extra trouble for a short while?

There it is. Any advice/help would be appreciated.

Evening, The Script Only Creates Back Up’s For The ver 2.4 and no other ver (As Far As I’m Aware)

You would have to start over,
You can enable training mode for a period of time to lower down those alerts, and after a while you can put it back in safe mode or clean pc mode… ( Both Defense+ And Firewall)

Does this help you any?


CGP is correct, version 3.X and later use a different system to organize rules, I remember shortly after version 3 was released Comodo issued an update which required everyone to lose all of their previous rules to implement a new rule organization system.

The best way, as CGP said would be to keep it on training mode for a little then set it to the regular safe mode.

thanks to both. at first i was hoping i could maybe find old updates to CFP (ver3, then ver 3.5) and step up incrementally, but didnt find anything. if the 2.4 backup isnt going to roll over, i’ll just upgrade each computer at different times, so i can have a reference for the custom rules. IF the defaults have changed, some of my customs may be outdated anyway. It’s not like i’ve got Fort Knox over here or anything.

Putting it in training mode, or even dealing with all the alerts, is a small price to pay for the great service comodo gives.


Good Work Justin :slight_smile:

Any other concerns?