Updating from 5.x to 7.x

Most upgrades from 5.x to 7.x, whether via internal update or the manual installer, seem to proceed smoothly. However a few are failing in specific circumstances.

If you are:
Running third party security software
Please switch off all real time monitoring functions in the third party security software. That is the equivalent of realtime AV, HIPS, the Behavior Blocker, and Firewall. Re-enable it only after the second reboot.

In HIPS=Paranoid or FW=custom modes
Switch to safe mode before updating and keep the machine in safe mode until after the second reboot. Then switch to training mode and conduct two reboots. Then you can switch back to paranoid and custom mode. If you don’t want to do this your best bet is to keep checking your logs before and after each reboot. Each time you check, immediately create new rules and/or rerun the installer where any action by Comodo software has been blocked.

Using your own specifically named config
Not an amended version of a standard one. The config may be lost if upgrading straight to 7, so I would recommend upgrading from 5.x to 6.3 and then from 6.3 to 7.0. Please ensure you complete the installation process in each case.

Please note: The best way to ensure optimal security and to avoid all problems is to uninstall 5.x before installing 7.x, perhaps using Chiron’s method. And then create new rules in 7.x from scratch.

This FAQ has been prepared by a volunteer moderator. It has been produced on a best endeavors basis - it will be added to and corrected as we find out more. Please note that I am not a member of staff and therefore cannot speak on behalf of Comodo. Any opinions expressed are my personal opinions, and may not be shared by other mods.

[i]Updated: 08 April 2014, to reflect changes up to CIS version 7.0 Build 4132.

I just updated from 5.10 to 7.0 build 4142 on my 32-bit Win7 PC, and I learned some things that may be helpful for others.

Running the updater inside CIS 5.10 crashed, so I ran the 7.0 installer instead. The installer created executables in the C:\Users<admin_account>\AppData\Local\Temp\ folder and an entry in HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run to execute after the next reboot. The problem for me was that the execution was not with admin privileges, and my Software Restriction Policy (SRP) does not allow executables outside of C:\Program Files\ and C:\Windows\ by standard users. Since the SRP is part of the Microsoft OS, it is not a third-party security software. I suggest changing the guide to warn about the SRP also.

I worked around the installation failure by changing the SRP default action to unrestricted and also unrestricting cmd.exe, and then re-running the installer.

Re-running the installer caused it to lose the configuration from 5.10 and the fact that it was an upgrade. However, because I saved my active configuration before updating, I was able to import the 5.10 (specifically-named) configuration into 7.0, which was successful.

mouse1’s guide suggests upgrading from 5.x to 6.3 and then from 6.3 to 7.0 for a specifically-named config. However, the 5.x upgrade package link on that page is broken. Also, my method of importing the 5.x configuration file into 7.0 seems to eliminate the need for the intermediate step of upgrading to 6.3.

Excuse me but what proves you that all your settings have been imported as there is no way to control it or modify it

An old thread but worth commenting on I think… :stuck_out_tongue:
I would 1st export the cfg, then after importing it to the new install export the new cfg with a new name.
These 2 cfgx’s can be compared by a comparison prog like WinMerge - free@ http://winmerge.org/