updating CIS 3.14 to 4.0 not working?

Have CIS 3.14 installed on XP/Media Center 2004 PC… the updater indicates that there is a v4.0 of CIS available. I have downloaded and installed (sucessfully) it twice now, but the CIS menu “About” still indicates that V3.14 is running/ and there is no sandbox function, so I must still be on 3.14. I do NOT see CIS listed in my “add/remove programs” list… nor is there any “uninstall” function in the CIS menu. How can I successfully uninstall #.14 and reinstall 4.0 ???

Please try my methodology given in this thread:
and see if it works.

Again, my situation seems to be a little unique in that with every uninstall program I have tried, including “REVO” that you suggest, the CIS does NOT show up in the list of installed programs… only Comodo Dragon is in the list… hence I cannot un-install the V3.14 CIS first, and the install of the updated V4.0 CIS does not uninstall 3.14, even though it says it has successfullly been installed. Any other remedies to uninstall 3.14 ??? Thanks

Manual uninstallation.

Boot in safe mode, don’t load comodo.

Run autoruns for xp (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb963902.aspx), uncheck whatever speaks of comodo, write the name of the localized drivers as to delete them last.

Check windows services, disable comodo ones.

Regedit for comodo entries and delete.
If lazy, let a third party registry viewer show you the keys, e.g., registrar lite:

Same for comodo folders with windows explorer.

Last delete the drivers.

Wouldn’t it also be a good idea to run the cleanup tool?

You can find this here: