updating always stuck at 30% windows7 rtm build 7600final

hi i managed to install comodo latest ver. on windows7 build 7600 rtm…as it before on (rc) the update just freezing at 30% for a long time more than 45min…

any one can have an ideas how to fix this problem …

thanks for all…

The cis had not need compatibility mode. Only need to install for ADMIN. the cis package is installed .
the new AV database will be installed and as a single installation / update.
this is a big file, it will waste your more time.When you see frozen at 30%, don’t worry .
It will slowly climb to 50% and finish update in the final.
Please be patient

thanks for they help, i wait as you told, but after around one hour showing the update fail, i checked my internet connection its totally working fine…

any other way ?..thanks

i just want to add i am using cis 3.10.102363.531…

please help…

hi again , well for some reason i figure it out how to solve the update problem …

1-before installing cis you must have internet connection…

2-lunch the installation… after it complete a message will appear on the screen and it will ask (do you want to scan the computer for malware)…YOU HAVE TO SAY YES, after that an automatic update will start and it will do the update automatically…

before the main problem was that i used to install cis normally, but when it ask for scanning the PC , i use to answer no , after that i use to do restart for the computer , after the restart i use to lunch the update manually…and then the update problem appear

in any way thank you for your help before :wink:

hi again , guess what , after the update has finished , i restart my computer i opened cis , still showing the the virus database never been updated…this is so useless , i spend too much time trying to fix this simple problem but no use , i installed and uninstalled many time , but no use … ???

so sorry , but i thing i am gonna go for different product , until they officially release windows7 compatible software,…

if any one face this problem , and found out a solution please let me know…

i’m sorry . I just go to work today. if the method does not work that i told you ,then i think Your operating system and the CIS is not compatible. you can try it in WIN XP system or VISTA OS. i try it more time it always no problem

Yes it does still show Never Updated after restart after the first update, but if you check Miscellaneous/About it will say the Virus Database is 1844
Then if you update again (small update) it updates to the current version of database


I have a similar problem on Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2 (32-bit). After installing the latest revision (downloaded yesterday) it asked me to scan my computer for malware. I clicked yes, and the program updated the virus signature database. Then it started scanning.

However, this took a long time and the computer switched to standby mode (does CIS interrupt power management during scanning)? When I turned the computer back on the scan had stopped and I clicked Exit.

Upon reboot Windows alerted me that the signature file was out of date and I clicked Update Now. The update started and it got stuck at 30%. I waited and finally turned off the computer.

I downloaded a fresh new copy of CIS at another computer and re-installed CIS this time not scanning for malware after installation. After reboot I started the update again but still it sticks at 30%.

Any thoughts?

After a clean install there is a huge update for the AV of 100 MB. In the process the progress indicator will stay at 30% for quite a while. On dial up the whole update process can take several hours.

Patience is the only thing to advice for now.

Patience indeed.

After a while it did progress to completion and all seems to be well now. Would it be possible to include the huge update in the original download? After all, I installed the most recently downloaded version (~75MB). Why would there be a 100 MB update to a 75MB download?

There may be some room for improvement here.

Thank you for the great free program though.


Here is what I wrote little earlier in another topic:

Is there any way of getting the installer updated…as l can confirm 1 large update at 30% rboot then one small update…all is good…thankyou

What do you mean with getting the installer updated?