The COMODO Firewall is great. I am a dial-up user who has trouble receiving large updates.
Can you possible break down the update file to allow updates to specific parts of the firewall application.
This way dial-up users can get the application updated with out a lot of restarts.
Yes, I know it will require more updates but getting the job is important.
Thank you.

Hey flattop, Doesn’t dial up last for roughly 4 hours before having to redial? That should be more than enough time on dial-up to download those files.

And another question, What browser are you using? If you are using IE I suggest you move to either Firefox or Opera (Opera Is my choice) The benifits are that they are faster and more secure and have more features. Also, If your connection breaks during the download you may “Resume” it when you reconnect to the internet.

Hope this helps. Will wait for your reply :slight_smile: