It’s been a while since there were any posts and updates. Did Comodo give up on this program, or is it still being updated?

we have re-architected the whole thing!
some nice surprises along with this is on the way…


I just wondered: is this a free product?

yes, mostly…


It’s been a month now, just wanted to see if any updates?


Yeah me too.

are you not using the latest beta i posted in the mods?

it has remote admin functionality in it :wink:


oops forgot about that :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow thanks. It’s so great to know that Comodo is focusing on making free products for Mods and Admins. 88)

Are you jealous jeremysbost 88) The Mods only do some early Beta testing :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

yeah, a bit. :-\

they just don’t want to release it to too many people incase it has a very serious bug, which leads to almost everyone who uses it to have problems…and the blame would go to…COMODO!, even if it’s in early beta stage