Hey guys. Just curious if there are any updates we should be aware of. I would like to know what the overall product will include as far as your software bundles. I would also like to know what new feature you might be introducing to the product and what not.

I am getting ready to unleash this awesome product in my local office and wanted to know if anything new is coming out soon before I do that. I hope to use this throughout my company if all goes well. Thanks in advance.


Brain is tired so I apologize for grammar.

Hi Justin,

At launch we will have Comodo Internet Security (AV/FW + HIPS) integrated with Endpoint Security Manager.

As we approach later versions of the product, we will be integrating it with products such as:

COMODO Disk Shield
COMODO Disk Encryption

Those two will be the closest to integration…I have plans for many many many other products down the line which will integrate with ESM as well.

The pricing structure will be unlike anything the market has seen before. Small or large deployments alike will want to switch to COMODO from both a technical standpoint as well as a financial standpoint (we have to make the finance people of the world happy somehow :))

Sounds very cool. Thanks for the update.

Is there a release date set yet? Just curious because I would love to get rid of the current product we are using now.



We are currently looking at a September release date.

Awesome! I can’t wait to get the finished software rolling on the network.

This is really good news Avakil! :BNC


Hi Team,

  1. I want to know whether the CIS updates for the clients will be received from the CESM installed with CIS.

  2. Or else there is any option to push the antivirus updates to the clients from the CESM with the CIS installed.

Waiting for the reply…


I wonder about this very same question (as well as many others but I will refrain from posting until I do more testing).

I suspect the updates will be direct communication from the client PCs to the Comodo home-office since the CESM seems to be geared more towards pushing just the CIS package and configuration of the policies.

I have not found any controls for making the clients look to my internal server for updates first though. This would be my ideal situation since I have several PCs blocked from any access to the Internet. I would also prefer my outside bandwidth to be conserved so that just one copy of the latest definitions are retrieved from the Internet and all my PCs get their updates from my server.


I’ve been told that this will be introduced in a future release, but I don’t know the timeline for this. This is such an obvious no-brainer (in terms of consistency and bandwidth preservation) it’s bound to appear. :slight_smile:

Ewen :slight_smile:

As mentioned by egemen, I hope the next release should be happening by the end of this month.