Hi Guys
Can you tell me how often CAVS auto updates eg every hour etc, and in the next versions can you make it an option similar to Avast or NOD32 where the user can determine the frequency.
I have also noticed that when I send myself a test email it comes back with the attachment paper clip icon and there is no attachement. It seems to me that this part may have been overlooked when the rest of us wanted the notification in the body of the email and not as an attachement.
Can you look at this also.

Just to let you know the scan time for my machine was only about 13min to go over 7.45 gig.

Just to assist you in the future versions here are the current resources used that I had and what I have now

NOD32 and AVAST @ 20 - 22 meg
Outpost @ 32 meg

CAVS, CPF and CLP @ 98 meg.
I really hope this usage drops to a much more respectable level. The guys out with smaller systems will suffer alot.

BTW I don’t have NOD32 or avast on my system anymore just “COMODO”



If right click launchPad option in the system tray>>select Antivirus>>select show comodo antivirus>>then click settings in the AV interface>>then click automatic updates>>you choose automatic or custom (where you select the frequency).

The resource useage is a priority and the latest CPF (2.3) due to be a stable release next week will see a massive reduction in memeory and other resource useage. Also, CLP will soon be removed and made a user defined option with CAVS getting resource reductions also.