Updates! why so many?

Greetings Comodo,
i notice quite a few people hinting at the amount of updates to Comodo firewall, hey folks this is not a bad thing, we know we have an active Firewall, we know its keeping up to date, we dont have to allow the update at the very moment its available, be cool, have a break, then update,
its a good firewall, and its the best!


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These leak tests are like Viruses to Anti virus products. Afterall who wants a leaking firewall!? Noone! it defeats the object! Look at how many leak tests there are now compared to even 6 months ago! Yep many many more! We would be letting our users down if, when we find out a potential vulnerability (eg: leak test) we did not update our firewall to protect our users against it! Afterall, you would be mad if you your AV did not update for a long time!

It is our duty to protect our users! If there are vulnerabilities out there, we will do our best to come up with an update to protect our users against it! (and we will throw in a feature or two here and there while we update :slight_smile: )


Well said Melih!

Moreover, I don’t mind updating every now and then as long as it dosen’t cost me to an extent of “uninstalling & re-installing” over for a new update/s.


Neither do I. However, customizing the rules is a pain. While I realize there is a method (mucking about with the registry) to keep one’s customizations, are there any plans at Lizard HQ to simplify/automate this process for updates?

Lizard HQ? LOL… :smiley:

Yes, there are plans. It’s on the Wish List & Comodo have said that they will implement it.

GercekSeytan, your in luck. there is a bat file available for download that backs up your settings. There is a sticky from Rotty and Panic. It backs up fine but I have yet to restore. (:CLP) https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,2366.0.html

Well said and a true story here. My wife’s aunt complained to me that her anti-virus updated too much and I told her that was a GOOD thing, it’s keeping up. If it never updated and stayed the same as a year ago, it would be useless. She didn’t believe me and uninstalled it. Sorry for her she was using Limewire , bit torrent among other things here kids were doing like going to cough nasty sites. Two days later I get a call from her saying her computer wouldn’t start. I looked it over and did get it started only to find it infested with viruses and nearly all her data was destroyed, with the exception of the infected files that were embedded on her system. It wasn’t worth even trying to clean up and she lost 100 gigs of music plus here house files, kids pictures etc…which she didn’t back up. She uses anti-virus now ,and no longer complains about updates. She still won’t practice safe surfing but I have rid her of many viruses since. Not that it’s fascinating or anything but to stress that i’m not just saying this for the sake of it, it is true.


This is not just about anti virus, it’s a great example of the importance of backups. Our collective lives are becoming digital-centric. Forget photo albums - you need to backup to CD/DVD/TAPE/WHATEVER.

Backups are like insurance - you only realize their importance when they are needed.

ewen :slight_smile:

I couldn’t agree more Ewen, one of the first things you learn in the tech field, is FAULT TOLERANCE , BACKUP,BACKUP,BACKUP, and UPDATE AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. Which applies to both user and software. I fix computers and 99% of data loss is due to not backing up. Very important to say the least, thanks for addressing that.


When I backup using Comodo Backup (of course) I run two backups with identical file lists - one to CD/DVD and the other to our offsite FTP server. Better to be two safe, than too sorry.

ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks. (Guess I should check for replies more often (:WIN) )