Updates - why? A suggestion

First, thanks for the great work on this wonderful product.

Now to the topic: my CPF updater gave me a message that a new update is available so I am going to install it. However, before doing so I wanted to know what it entailed, and I had to do a thourough search of the forum to find the info.

I would like to suggest that there is a sticker on the forum with the version history so we easily know what changed.



You must have missed it here - CF has been released! posted by Egemen


I believe flash means that he would like a thread started listing CPF’s version history, including changes made for each release, which a mod would mark as sticky, keeping it near the top of the list. It’s not a bad idea, actually.

Yes. The new forum structure is on the way. There will be an announcement section.

This sounds great! :slight_smile: