Updates? what updates?.when updates?.

:BNC :comodorocks: I am a very happy camper with Cis, as defense+ stopped Total virus protection rogue Av dead in its tracks yesterday, ( Begone it said, never come back)!!. However i got an update icon to click on my vista machines tray, but dont know what the update was about 22/2/09?. There was and still has not been any update icon in my tray or if i click on updates. for my Xp laptop?. Wonder if the update was for vista only, and what was the update about? Further i understand there has been a lot of work done over the weekend and am eagerly awaiting to see what happens with the work done on the data base which i hope will improve its detection rate, and wonder if we are likely to see a release to sort that and any bugs still plaguing certain people!. To quote Mellih, around the 23rd Fingers crossed!

Dave1234. ( Comodo Forever)


this update? ???

you can remove/uninstall your old CIS & install the latest (:WAV)