updates failed

all the security softwares updates are failed. I am using COMODO, AVAST AV, AVG free 8.0 as active security softwares and also installed XOFTSPYSE and PREVX CSI (not active). I didn’t remember my recent activity which caused this error. All these softwares gives same msg “update failed” except AVAST n COMODO.

AVAST - Cannot connect to download613.avast.com (
- you are not connected to the Internet.
- your firewall does not allow the program “avast*.setup” to access the Internet; you can find details in help or read the FAQ section on avast! website.
- your HTTP proxy settings are incorrect.
- the server is inaccessible because of a network error or maintenance.
(I am attaching avast error log)

COMODO - Error 106: Update could not be completed. Not able to connect to Internet, please check your Internet connection settings.

I have tried all internet searching and followed those suggestions from the forums but unable to do this. since 3 days i am searching for the solution.

plz hel me to solve this.

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Welcome. :slight_smile:

go to Firewall > Advanced > Network Security Policy
what rules do you have for Avast. All mine are set trusted.

also, the 106 error has been happening for 3 days now?

thanks fazio for the reply. i tried to search in google before posting in this forum. many ppl have same problem (error 106) and tried their solutions but of no use. i have tried your suggestion too by going to network security policy and changed them to trusted application. still it is not working. no software is updating. neither AVG,avast, comodo or prevx csi updated. for all this applications, i put them in trusted application zone. plz helpme. i am feeling nervous as security software becoming old.

wait. You said you are running AVG 8, avast, and comodo as active security softwares. are you running Avast and AVG both in realtime? you can’t run 2 AVs at once. i know for a fact that avast screws up avg updates if they are both running together. would that explain why avast is updating and avg is not?

Here is the FAQ for CFP 3:

[b]Update Issues (Error 106 | Never-Ending Updates)[/b] https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,18966.0.html https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,19645.0.html https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,22396.0.html

Not sure about your other software.


I am using avg, avast and comodo since an year without trouble. Now not onlt avg, avast or comodo, no other software is getting updated.

Well, I guess that it’s up to you to run two AVs. That’s most likely the problem though.

Never use 2 AVs same time.


You gain nothing from 2 av’s. You gain problems. Dump AVG. Keep Avast and make Avast’s updater an install/updater under D+.

But what happen if one AV can’t identify viruses? When avast does not recognise some viruses, AVG did and viceversa. when both AV’s did not recognize some online scanning recognized. so i kept 2 AV’s. But as you people said, it may lead to these kind of errors. Then what i have to do for more security with onle one AV and one Firewall?

Even if you haw two AVs they still can miss something and nothing will happen mostly. When you use CIS then Defense+ probably will block it. That’s why I use SAS, MBAM and online virus scanners weekly to scan my pc.
You can use Spybot S&D to prevent some spyware and viruses (Immunize feature).

Some online scanners are here:

Using two AVs same time only slows down your PC and it not a good idea.


Most of the time the problem is the 2 AVs disrupt each other’s self defense features and updates. No AV/combo of AVs will ever catch every malware.

I know I sayed it already and it slows down your PC too.
Hawing two AVs = bad idea


thanks for all the replies. while i facing problems with this issue, my system totally crashed so i formated n reinstalled it. Now i installed AVG only. later after installing all my software i’ll install CFP. Now as u suggest i go only with these 2 only. About online scanning i always go google search and do all online scanners one after one. About antivirus, long back i used an AV integrator which integrates all installed AVs. I don’t know whther it is available or not. Anyone heared about or used it? If so please share your expereince.

Hey Vikk. Think your being a bit paranoid :slight_smile:
V7chy is quite smart, You should look at this post :slight_smile:

hi kyle, yes i red that one thats why i said i am going through google search for online scan and use all the links that show for online scanning. not onlt bitdefender, kaspersky, eset but also mcafee, panda, pccilin etc. And i said i am not going to use 2 AVs anymore. And i didn’t understand what is MBAM and SAS. Can now anyone say about AV integrator? can it work better r it also problems like using 2 AVs seperately?

SAS is Superantispyware and MBAM is Malware Bytes Antimalware. 2 great on-demand scanners.