Updates down right now? [Resolved]

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I think there is no need to open a new thread.

Just to ask if anyone else is unable to update BoClean since day 19?

No problems here updating. I just downloaded today’s update (23rd) about an hour ago.

Odd. I don’t get any updates error, so I was thinking if could be BoClean’s update server problem.

Well, I’ll try to reinstall and see if works again.


I’m getting the “Error 106: Unable to connect” message tonight on three computers when trying to manually update BOClean?

Just tried to manually update and also received the 106 errror.

Could there be a possiblity that the Comodo Server is being fine tuned preparing for another release of Comodo Software, and is down temporarily !


Reinstalling didn’t work for me, but you might have better luck.

I’m thinking it must be the server, I can’t update on either of my boxes (XP SP3 and Vista Ultimate x64).

Ditto here, I’m sure they will fix it soon.

It is the manual part of the server updates that is still down. Last time after about 20 minutes I noticed that it automatically updated BoClean.

Tried to manually update again to Check and instead of “Your Updates are up to date” saw the 106 error again.

Then tried manual update with the Memory Firewall. It should have given me a meesage similar to “There are no new updates at this time” but instead again received the 106 error.

Since new beta software will be downloaded manually, this 106 error with manual updates might start becoming a concern.


I’m getting the same 106 error message here also.

Interesting. When I try and use the virus database updater and the program updater in CIS, they fail too with the same errors. ??? (I don’t have BOclean.)

As I mentioned, at least for myself, automatic updates are working!

But manual updates currently are giving the 106 error !


Manual updates are working again, at least for me they are. I tried them a couple of hours ago and I was also getting the 106 error. I just tried it again and got today’s update.