Updates Continue to Fail

I installed Icedragon 49 manually but I recall automatic updates failed on that too. The new version 50 fails upon update also. Please fix this problem or this project could end up dying because the average user (or even slightly more advanced user) won’t go through the hassle.

I checked with my CID installation. It happened to be at 49 and it updated to 50 without a glitch. At v50 it states it is updated.

I am wondering if you have the Comodo IceDragon Updater service disabled.

I do not have it as a service. Although, it is listed in the icedragon folder and when I try to run it, it doesn’t seem to take.

Go to Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Services. Look up the Comodo IceDragon Updater Service → select it → click on the right mouse button → Properties → now check the Start up type.

I always set it to manual. That way it only runs when the browser checks for updates its self.

No it’s not in the list. After re-updating the runtime I restarted and “please wait windows is installing/cleaning up” appeared. So I tried to install ID again. Just once it is installed it fails to start with an error and reverts back.

Can you post a screenshot of the error you receive? Do you get the error when you start CID from the installer? What happens when you start CID its self? On what OS are you?

Have you tried to download the latest version from comodo web site and install it over the current version. Maybe the current one has been corrupt where it can’t update through the browser.