updater states that my computer is not connected to the internet. It is connected and working, however I cannot update Comodo firewall to 1.2

Well you should be updating to, what version are you on now?

You may look at the Launchpad version number. I don’t have it so i don’t know what version it is on that now. Open your firewall and click “about”.

The Database version is 1.2 The firewall version is What really matters is the updater does not work. It states that the computer is not connected and it IS!

I am experiencing the same exact thing. The laptop I am running Comodo FW on is saying “Not connected to the internet” when I try to run the Updater and the laptop is. I also verified that IE was working properly and IE is.

I am guessing that Comodo is trying to use the first network device it finds on my laptop which isn’t the actual hardwired network card but is a vpn connection. Since that VPN connection is not enabled CPF can’t connect.

I have just solved this problem by allowing cpfupdat.exe internet access and invisible connection attempts (under miscellaneous tab). Hope this helps. (:WAV)